Customer Testimonials

Just some of the feedback we receive from our great customers

I would very much like you to know how pleased I am with your products and services ( and prices!) you are my # one go-to for anything auto-related. Your products are spot on and the free delivery puts you over the top. I have and will continue to recommend your company to all my friends.

-- Doug F.

I found your company first on eBay then I bought parts directly from your site. I probably wouldn't have a running car if not for AutoShack! I couldn't afford everything to fix the suspension from any other place but your prices are so amazing.

Thank you

-- Rielle W.

I just wanted to compliment your company on great service, communication, shipping, and products. The purchase I made just recently arrived lightning quick. I was surprised because I placed the order almost too late to give you a chance to get it here when I needed it. But the order made it. I also worked with a couple of your folks on an ordering problem and they were very helpful. I will definitely try to call on you again for future orders.

Thanks a lot

-- Marty L.

Strut Assembly and Brakes. Well you are right - half the price, good quality and excellent service. You were so inexpensive I was suspicious. Everyone told me don't do it - go local. Well they are the loser and I am so thrilled. The job went well and I saved over 500 dollars.
Thanks!! I am spreading the word. A Grandmother with guts,

-- Sue R.

I am glad I found you on the internet. Your parts are so cheap (only in price).Thanks for the good service, fast delivery and free shipping. When I need any parts I will order from you and also tell others about you. (Family members etc.)

-- Charles E.

Recently my 2003 Dodge Blazer fuel pump needed replacing. I and my husband looked around everywhere and the cheapest fuel pump we could find was 240 dollars. We found your website and was unsure about purchasing a fuel pump from you considering that it was less than half the price of everywhere else as well as being online which would result in us not being able to actually see the part until it was delivered to us. Nevertheless, we figured "what would it hurt" and purchased the part anyway. I have to give you all the compliments. Not only did the part arrive at a reasonable time but it was the right part without any flaws. I finally found a place that I can purchase all of my car parts without going broke :) Trust and believe you will be recommended to all of my friends and family.
Warm Regards

-- Hyde F.

I placed my order 6 in the morning. You shipped it by 10 the same morning. 48 hours later it was at my front door. You guys are amazing!
Thank you for your wonderful service.

-- Robert W.

I ordered two sensors for my car. You sent me a confirmation and let me know that it had shipped. I PAID NO SHIPPING. You are the best. I am 59 and I appreciate the way you do business. To be a good customer should I tell everyone about you or just spend lots of money?

-- Danny C.

Hi. Thank you for your refund, your professionalism, and fast response. I am very satisfied. I plan on purchasing new wipers for both my vehicles and will plan on getting them from you. Also if your product is as good as they look I will inform my associates I work with - 250+ of your product. Thank you again and I look forward to dealing with you in the near future.

-- Paul H.

Half the price of anyone else. Very good quality parts and the how-to videos really helped. It took me about an hour to replace both front struts.
Thanks and Regards

-- Jack F.

Thanks so much for the awesome service – WOW - I will be putting the parts on tonight
WOW Thanks so much

-- James F.

Thanks for the great service! The parts arrived as promised and fit like a glove (also as promised). The instructions that were included made it relatively easy for me to do the work myself. That saved me over $300 on labor. Unfortunately my regular mechanic believes only KYB makes shocks and struts! I would recommend you to anyone and have!
Thanks, again! It's been a pleasure doing business with you!

-- Wil G.

I ordered parts yesterday and got them this morning. Installed them and just need the rear bearings now.

-- Jesse C.

This is a great online parts store. I have ordered parts for 3 different vehicles and every part was right on and the quality and price are second to none. The service is better than most local stores. AUTOSHACK IS MY CHOICE for all of the parts they can supply me.

-- Kevin D.

Got an excellent deal on rotors and brake pads
Thank you!!!

-- Chuck D.

Awesome transaction: simple, swift, and exact item needed to solve my problem. Look forward to future transactions.

-- Garrett L.