Exhaust Manifolds

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1 Catalytic Converter with Exhaust Manifold
Restricted States:California, Colorado, New York, Maine
Exhaust Certification:EPA
Exhaust Gasket and Hardware Included:Yes
Exhaust Material:Steel
Exhaust Mounting Hardware Included:Yes
Exhaust Oxygen Sensor Location:Pre-Catalyst
Exhaust Connection Type:None
Exhaust Engine Size:2.5L
Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield Included:No
Exhaust Manifold Flange Stud Hole Quantity:5
Exhaust Manifold Bolt Hole Quantity:5
Exhaust Manifold Inlet Port Shape:None
Catalytic Converter Body Shape:Round
Catalytic Converter Quantity:1
Catalytic Converter Inlet Quantity:1
Catalytic Converter Inlet 1 Type:5 Bolt Welded Flange
Catalytic Converter Outlet Type:3 Bolt Welded Flange
Exhaust Overall Length:18.75 in / 47.625 mm
Catalytic Converter Body Height:4 in / 10.16 mm
Catalytic Converter Body Length:4 in / 10.16 mm
Catalytic Converter Body Width:4 in / 10.16 mm
Oxygen Sensor Ports:1